Q: Art/Non Artist:  I’m not an artist, this won’t work for me—right?
A: Think again!  This technique might actually work better for people who consider themselves non-artists.  Participants work quickly with colored pencils and line templates provided for the class.

Q:  What will I get out of the class?
A:  Stressful events, are, Well…stressful.  Because of this the mind tends to push them down and cover them up with other stresses as a distraction.  This technique clears away the clutter to reveal matters of concern and provide a new way of looking at them.

Q: How big is the class?
A:  I have different class sizes.  Some are designed to create more one-on-one.  The typical “Art-fix” class will have up to six participants, which allows time for questions and a significant amount of one-on-one time dispersed throughout.

Q: How long are the classes?
A: Classes run about two hours, with some discussion time at the end.

Q:  How frequent are the classes?
A:  The frequency of classes will vary depending on interest and other class schedules. I plan to offer at least one Art-Fix class a month during the summer months.

Q:  Where are they located?
A: Class locations are growing, but all are presently within the Marysville area.  Some flexibility is available for those seeking a one-on-one or smaller group sessions.

Q: Where did this idea come from?
A: This technique was honed through my own experience working with art to relieve stress.  Participants will learn the full technique in class and be able to take this practice home with them.

Q: Is this class available to kids?
A:  I don’t presently have an “Art-Fix” class for kids, due to the soul work aspect.  However, I’m looking forward to developing art classes for the home school arena.  If you have a child who you think would benefit from the “Art-Fix” technique, I’m open to the idea of working in concert with a counselor.  (Class Link)  (Register)

Celebration on Canvas FAQ
Q:  Artist/Non Artist:  I am not an artist, this isn’t for me, right?
A:  Celebration on Canvas is designed to bring to life what you have created in the Art Fix class.  Everyone has creativity within them; being an artist, is again, not necessary for this class.

Q:  What will I get out of the Celebrations on Canvas class?
A:  The class celebrates your discoveries from “Art Fix”.  We will take what you have discovered from the previous work you have done and build it into a piece of art.  I will show you how to enlarge the chosen image, transfer it to canvas and lead you through the application of your chosen colors, using acrylic paints, glitter additives and clear mediums.

Q:  What is the class size for Celebrations on Canvas?
A:  Currently, this is a one on one class.  Arrangements can be made if there are group participants from previous Art Fix classes that would like to work together again.

Q:  How long are the classes?
A:  Four hours is the estimated time frame for this class.  It includes a trip to the copy center.

Q:  How frequent are the classes?
A:  Classes are available by appointment because of their one on one nature.

Q:  What is the cost of Celebrations on Canvas?
A:  The cost is $200 which includes the cost of supplies.
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Yard Art Class
Q:  Artist/Non-Artist:  I’m not an artist, this isn’t for me-right?
A:  Think again!  The Yard Art class is not designed specifically for artists-it’s designed for women who want to create.  The majority of the art and craft in this process will be found in the art pieces we will be attaching.  Your own interest in color and design will come through naturally.  I will assist you with attachment techniques and the minimal use of tools and fixatives.

Q:  What will I get out of the Yard Art Class?
A:  Aside from leaving with a vibrant piece of art for your garden, you also receive one-on-one guidance in the use of epoxy (binding agent) and other tools.  Part of the course mission is to empower women to feel more comfortable with tools.  I only encourage and model the use of tools; it will not be required of participants to use them on their piece.  Common tools used include drills, hacksaws, grippers/clamps, levels, and epoxy resins.

Q:  How big are the classes?
A:  Yard Art Class is designed to be one-on-one experience, but I am open to working with up to 2 participants…bring a friend!

Q:  How long are the classes?
A:  Approximate time frame is 4 hours.  This includes a trip to the second hand store for materials.

Q:  How frequent are the classes?
A:  Classes are available by appointment because of their one-on-one nature.

Q:  Where are the Yard Art Classes located?
A:  In YOUR yard!  I will travel to your home (within a reasonable radius of Marysville).

Q:  Where did the Yard Art Class idea come from?
A:  I have been working with glass for a number of years in photography.  This past year I was inspired by the Camano Island Art Tour to create yard art and began thinking of ways to expand my use of glass.  Already having background working with resin, I began visualizing what glass items would look good together and how to attach materials.  It was inspiring and I wanted to share!

Q:  What is the cost?
A:  The cost is $100, (which includes up to $25 worth of supplies purchased the same day).  For $150, you can bring a friend and work on separate projects.  Class prices are subject to negotiation if the project desired is larger in nature or will require multiple sessions to complete.
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