Art Fix Classes:

This class has been proven to work for artist and non-artist alike!
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Participants work quickly with colored pencils and line temArtTherapyExample1plates provided for the class. The technique is designed to get past all the critical chatter in your brain to the answer lying beneath. The entire class is based on the belief that our minds are powerful and understand the truth of what is troubling us, but in order to get through challenges in life, we put up barriers in the conscious mind. Pushing down the discomfort is only a temporary reward that also suppresses the best solutions. The end result will be an abstract image that is chalk full of symbolism specific to your life and circumstances.

Get past the Should! During the class, I teach you where the critic resides in the process and how it blocks your solution–helping you to pick what colors and shapes will help to reveal a personalized solution.
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What’s Next?:

The “Art Fix” class is about answers and bringing subjects to the surface for ArtTherapyExample2examination.  Due to the quick process that is needed to get past the critic, it doesn’t often produce a fine art piece.  What it does often produce is something treasured for the subject matter.

For those interested, I offer both one-on-one sessions that show you how to enlarge and transfer this image to canvas where you can use more durable art mediums such as paints and gel mediums to produce a lasting piece for the wall.


Yard Art Classes:

Individuals who enroll in the yard art class will receive a personalized oneYardArtExample-on-one tour through the process of making yard art from recycled glass objects.  Each class includes a visit to a local thrift store where I guide you there the selection of glass objects such as vases, jars and candle holders that will be needed to make your own piece.  You pick the central object and we tour the store for other items to compliment and complete the piece.  Then its off to the hardware store to pick up any attachment items that we need.  Most of the time this is a simple metal tube, or some chain.  (I have some things on hand as well).

Once back at your home or studio, I guide participants through the how to of assembly. My portable workbench aids in the process.  I’ll show you how to join the materials together using epoxy. The version I use sets up in 5 minutes!  You will leave the class with your own work of art.

The picture shown is of a tall version.  The most common variety is about two to three feet tall. It is so rewarding to make something from recycled materials, giving them a new life and bringing beauty to the garden at the same time. Brightly colored glass items really brighten up the garden.

The class price includes approximately $25 in materials, and can be customized if you would like to bring a friend and make one for the both of you.